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Celebrating 41 Years of Serving the Community



  • Over 28,000 people served.

  • The average clients visits 2.5 times over  a 5 month period.

Half of the people seeking help are Seniors and Children.

9,600 House Holds came to the food shelf for help..

1,515 people came to the food shelf for the first time, ever. 

In 2022 we helped 40% more people than in 2021.

40% more children were feed.

45% more households came to us.

1,646 people used the Food Shelf for the first time, ever.

600,000 pounds of food was given away. 

A value of  1 Million dollars of food support to our community.

Linda Shutter, Food Shelf Board Member, volunteer and our lead giver for our Feeding our Future planned giving effort. Linda believes “in the work of the food shelf and wants to help secure its future by including a gift to the BCFS in her estate plans."

Use our free on line estate planning tool to protect your family, get peace of mind and create a plan for your future

In Honor/Memorial

A memorial gift or gift in honor is a way to remember a special person while at the same time helping others.

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Donations made during March are matched. Donate here to take advantage of the match.
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