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Lend a Hand

Bag of Groceries

“It’s fun to talk to our customers. Sometimes I even get hugs from those who I have known for years.”


“Fulfilling an urgent community need makes my volunteer experience rewarding.”

Get an inside look with this photo story created by BSU student Annie Braught that shows

what it’s like to volunteer at the food shelf:  

Food shelf photo story

Typical shifts are 3 hours on Monday, Wednesday or Friday.  If these times do not work for you, it may be possible to make other arrangements. Please contact the volunteer coordinator or farm manager prior to arriving to volunteer.

When volunteering at the food shelf, please park on the West side of the building or under the mural on the warehouse. Volunteers may enter through the West facing door that is marked employees only. Both the Director’s office as well as the Volunteer Coordinator's office are located to the right upon entering through this door.

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