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In 2021, the projected food insecurity rate was 8.6% in Minnesota, up from 7.7 in 2019.

9% of Minnesotans had incomes below the poverty line ($25,926 for a family of four) in 2020. This included 11% of Minnesota's children.

3.7 million visits were made to food shelves during 2021 in Minnesota

This is our most significant food/fundraiser of the year!

It is coordinated by the Greater Minnesota Council of Churches.



The funds we raise during our March Campaign enable us to keep purchasing food through the spring, summer and early fall when donations are at their lowest.


We purchase the majority of our food. Special programs we participate in allow us to stretch a dollar much further than you could at the grocery store. We can purchase about 4 meals with one dollar.


In 2021 the Bemidji Community Food Shelf served nearly 18,000 people from 6,200 families in the Bemidji area.  Nearly half of them are Seniors and Children. Over 545,000 lbs of food was distributed by our 300 volunteers.  A value of $950,000 to the community.


For more than 41 years, Minnesota FoodShare has coordinated the March Campaign, the only annual statewide food and fund drive of its kind in Minnesota. During the month of March, 300 food shelves around the state come together with congregations, organizations, businesses, community groups and others to help feed our neighbors in need over the summer months when donations are slower.


Minnesota FoodShare solicits donations from corporate sponsors, congregations and individuals for its Food Fund, 100% of which is distributed to participating food shelves. In addition a matching grant is given to each food shelf based on the number of people we serve and the funds and pounds raised during the Campaign.  The more we raise the bigger the match.

Click HERE for ideas on creative food drives!

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