Our farm is located right here at the Bemidji Community Food Shelf!


Our Goals:

  • To provide high-quality fresh produce for Food Shelf customers and their families

  • To provide community members the chance to contribute their time and talents


We are dedicated to sustainable farming practices and employ cover cropping, crop rotation, mulching, and other organic approved crop management techniques. This helps us to reduce inputs, improve soil health, and grow really good food!

To volunteer your time at the Farm, contact bcfsvolunteer@gmail.com or 218-444-6580.  


The Bemidji Community Food Shelf is one of five sites in Minnesota to construct a Deep Winter Greenhouse (DWG) in partnership with the University of Minnesota. This exciting and innovative structure is a prototype designed by the Center for Sustainable Building Research and will allow the Farm to grow greens and vegetables for food shelf families all year round!

The DWG will demonstrate sustainable, local food production in our area and be a great learning resource for our community. Construction was completed in Fall 2017.

This project is in partnership with the U-MN Extension and supported by grants from the Bernick’s Family Foundation and Beltrami Electric’s Round-Up Program. To learn more about this statewide initiative click here.



The Farm is a great place to learn about food access issues and what our community is doing to fight hunger. We also are happy to share our knowledge on practical gardening skills and sustainable gardening techniques through hands-on practice. Yes, you will get your hands dirty!

Whether it’s your college class, elementary class, church or other group we encourage you to consider the farm as your next experiential learning or service opportunity. Internships may also available.

If you have service learning requirements through school, or if you would like to arrange service learning for a group, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator to inquire.